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Labs detail

As in the present scenario, practical work is quite essential, so we have equipped our ‘Science labs’ with all the amenities.

Physics lab has all the necessary apparatus such as spectrometer, sodium vapour lamp etc.

Chemistry lab has been equipped with required chemicals to graduate level along with glass apparatus and LPG powered Bunsen burner, Analytical balance so on and so forth.

Our Biology lab has different plant and animal specimen that are rare. On the whole our labs provide a very good practical knowledge boosting the students interest towards science subjects.

The school has well maintained and well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Science, Mathematics, Audio/Visual. The students are expected to take maximum advantage of these labs and should attend their regular Practical Work according to their Practical Time-Table.  
A total number of eleven laboratories are available in the school.

Dimensions of the said labs are us under:
3 Labs of 52’x20’ dimensions located in Silver Jubilee Research Block (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)
2 Labs of 25’x20’ dimension located on the First Floor of the Main Building. (Physics & Chemistry)
2 Computer Lab of 49’x33’ dimensions.
1 Maths Lab of 25’x20’ dimensions.
1 Science Lab of 25’x20’ dimensions
2 New Labs of Audio/Visual of 49’ x 33’ dimensions.