School Rules

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Our School Rules


  • This is an English medium school, therefore, students are expected to speak and work in English only.
  • Students are expected to keep the classrooms neat and tidy. Writing on walls or spitting is prohibited.
  • Students are expected to sit quietly in the class till the teacher arrives.
  • Every absence or leave must be entered briefly in the leave record pages towards the beginning of the school diary and signed by the parent or guardian.
  • Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than 10 consecutive days renders the students liable to have his name struck off the roll.
  • Any kind of damage done to the property of the school must be made good.
  • Exchange of articles or money transaction between students is not allowed.
  • Abusive language will not be tolerated in the school.
  • All the students are expected to attend the school on the reopening day after the vacation. Absence without prior leave application immediately renders the student liable to dismissal.
  • If the child is seeking admission elsewhere, his/her name will be struck off the roll automatically. He or she will have to seek readmission with the payment of admission fee.


  • Please ensure that children attend the school regularly, punctually, dressed neatly and correctly.
  • That children bring diaries, note books, etc., to school. These should be properly maintained.
  • That children do their homework regularly.
  • That children do not go out for evening entertainment on weekdays.
  • That children suffering from an infectious disease are kept at home for the required quarantine period.
  • That children do not bring expensive articles such as jewellery, watch money & mobiles/cell phone etc., to school. (The school shall not be responsible if these are lost or stolen.)
  • That children are vaccinated and inoculated against infectious diseases.
  • Fees are to be paid regularly.


  • Send their children to school on time at least ten minutes before the first bell is rung.
  • See the notes which are entered in the school diary by the teacher or Principal.
  • Make their own remarks and observations in the student’s Diary for the information of teachers.
  • Go through the note books of their children from time to time.
  • Warn their children (periodically) not to buy sweets, drinks etc. from street vendors.
  • There is a provision of school canteen children are supposed to buy eatable from the canteen only.
  • Send not more than 10-15 rupees and that on Tuesday and Thursday only with primary Class children (Class I to V) to buy eatables from the Canteen.
  • To see that children do not distribute any sweets/toffees on birthdays.
  • Not to give cell phone or any other electronic device to the children.
  • See that children turn up for games and other school activities.
  • Not to give notes to children to be excused from P. T. / Games/ Yoga/Martial Arts, School Band, Scouting etc. unless it is genuine. Direct all correspondence etc. regarding their children to the Principal when doing so, please mention the Name, Class & Section of the student.


  • Enter class rooms without permission of the Principal.
  • Interview teachers or children during class hours (unless urgent) without the permission of the Principal.
  • Engage a member of the staff as a private tutor without the consent of the Principal.
  • Take children away from the school without informing the Principal. (In this case the written permission of parent or guardian is essential).