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Essence of Education lies in drawing out the very best that is in you. [M.K. Gandhi] St. John’s of Kota, has been the hub of education. It has played a vital role in the regard. St. John’s is a good blend of academic excellence.

It is special as it is bestowed with naturally beautiful campus, highly cultured social set up, and is a home of large no of student strength. We have made tremendous growth in the students intake and quality of students during the last few years.

It was institutionalised by group eminent personalities with the aim to offer value based Education. Today we are highly pleased to see the school occupying a prominent position in the Society. Education at St. John’s means an all round development of mind, body and spirit, so that we provide worthy citizens to our motherland. Education is a premier instrument of social change and the realization of national goals. As the Principal of St. John’s institution, I would like to see it ranked as one of the best schools of the world.

Let St. John’s be a trend setter ‘A trend of quality education of international standard and at the same time is globally competitive. Let St. John’s of Kota, be the most sought after destination for all aspirants who want to achieve academic excellence and be worthy citizens.

So with courage, faith and the whole hearted cooperation of parents St. John’s is bound to score because there is always room at the zenith.